The security of your personal information is important to us. Diligent efforts are made to ensure the security of Commonwealth of Virginia systems. Before you use our online services to conduct business with the Commonwealth, please ensure your personal computer is not infected with malicious code that collects your personal information. The way to protect against this is to maintain current Anti-Virus and security patches. For more information on protecting your personal information online, refer to the Citizens Guide to Online Protection.

Security Protocols

Online Services for Individuals and Businesses has many layers of security. This includes processes and procedures to stop unauthorized access, validate appropriate participants, and ensure the integrity of the system. All transmissions use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which is the industry-standard protocol for secure Web-based communications.


Online Services for Individuals and Businesses uses 128-bit SSL encryption on data passing from the user to the application. This is the highest level of encryption generally available today. The information cannot be read without the specific decryption key.


Online Services for Individuals and Businesses requires the user to set up a password. This password along with the account or access number and the User ID allows for subsequent logons. You may change the password. Please keep your password secure and confidential.

Email Lost Password

If you provide your email address at iReg or Business iFile, we will be able to email a forgotten password to you if you provide your account number and user id.

User Logs

User logs are utilized to track usage within the Online applications. If necessary, the Department of Taxation can identify users and usages by examining the logs.










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